The New York Edition: Black city2: the miscegenation game

Project Diagrams

The New York Edition: Black city2: the miscegenation game

The BLACK city is doubled. It is both a symbolic and a real site—a rhetorical and a lived condition.  The BLACK city is split.  It is the transgressive half.  Its force can be negating but if used opportunistically it yields positive effects. The BLACK city is a site of intrigue and spectacle from without and within.

The BLACK city is defined at the periphery.  It is nomadic.  It shifts as peripheries are incorporated and reformulated relative to centrist speculations.  The BLACK city is reactionary, and it is self-centered.  The BLACK city exists in a dialectic relation.  It is a reflection—a shadow.

The BLACK city does not exist; BLACK people exist in the city.  This negative double that is halved—The BLACK city—is inhabited by BLACK people rendered invisible.  The BLACK city is an absence under surveillance.

The BLACK city exists.  It does not appear to be black.  The BLACK city is as non-constructed as it is determined.  The BLACK city is inhabited by those without a choice, and by those who would never choose another.  

The BLACK city has been framed, and it is often screened.  It has been called names—many known by but not spoken of in polite society.  In The BLACK city existing forms are inhabited, reinterpreted, and reworked until they are born anew.